15 Reasons to Date a Mechanic

Positive, their hands might be greasy. Assuming the auto technician requesting out washes his arms often, there’s no explanation to miss on a dinner for two with this tradesman.

1. Your car is going to run smoothly — around forever.

2. Mechanics aren’t afraid of obtaining dirty.

3. Aspects are great with the hands.

4. You’ll have usage of advice, tool kits, and hard-to-find extra elements.

5. Auto mechanics tend to be optimists. They don’t get rid of broken things; fairly they notice potential atlanta divorce attorneys portion.

6. Auto mechanics are liable and reliable. Others trust the time with regards to their individual safety on the highway.

7. The go out enhances the everyday lives of other individuals, assisting them reach in which they have to go.

8. Technicians work effectively under pressure. They even work effectively with stress — practically.

9. Mechanics tend to be up for challenging, always wanting an opportunity to enhance a design.

10. Auto mechanics are curious and constantly studying. They just take things aside only to discover how circumstances work.

11. You should have the opportunity to generate unacceptable jokes about performance.

12. Technicians are chronic and require having the work done right.

13. Technicians care about high quality, double-checking their particular work.

14. Technicians spend their times covered in grease. They know simple tips to clean well.

15. Mechanics realize security protocol and need for adequate security.

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